Avoid Problems

Tthe following is a list of problems that have happened to students with other driving schools. So beware it does not happen.

  • Student can’t pass drive test – fails many times.
  • Instructor falls asleep while student is driving.
  • Instructor does not teach anything, just lets student drive around.
  • Instructor goes to shopping mall and leaves student in car for one hour.
  • Student can’t understand the language the instructor is speaking.
  • Both instructor and student skip lesson and play video games or go to go cart track.
  • Wait 2 months to get first or second appointment.
  • Other students in car – that means the driver will drive other student home wasting lesson, because a great deal of straight driving occurs.
  • Taught incorrect methods and/or rules.
  • Office or instructor calls up and cancels lesson more than once.
  • Instructor does not show up for one or more lessons.
  • Instructor collects all money on first lesson and never shows up again.
  • Student paid $900 in driving lessons and still could not pass drive test, failed many times. Cost for each lesson was cheap, but overall they spend a great deal of money with no result (truly did not learn how to drive competently, nor able to pass drive test).
  • Instructor taught only how to drive on DMV test routes but not really teach the skill in how to drive.
  • Student does not learn new things each lesson or does not improve each lesson.
  • Driving school had two prices for taking student to drive test. Standard price if student fails, if passed charged extra. Price really should be same.