Driver’s Education

The following is a list of elements which are contained in a quality driver education program:


  • Have an experienced and knowledgeable instructor.
  • Class format should have lectures that include interaction between the instructor and students. The instructor’s lectures should illicit and stimulate student participation.
  • To be avoided: schools that have almost no instructor – student interaction. Such as when students are kept busy by reading from a book, or watching excessive number of videos. Those classes tend to be boring.

    Warning: Some driving schools will enroll you and have you pay for Driver Education and Driver’s Training up front. After completing the Driver Education and getting your driving permit at the DMV, you come to find that you must wait months to start your driver training (most people are shocked by this). So ask in the beginning if that is the case before sign-up. Remember you can go to one school for Driver Education (classroom) and a different school for your Driver Training (in-car instruction).