How to Choose a School

Choosing a good driving school and instructor is very important. The typical person drives 40 to 50 years of their life. You will come to know that driving is an essential part of your life. It is a tremendous convenience and a necessity for most people, since driving is done usually on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s obvious that driving is an important aspect of our lives. Eventually one day you will have to give it up due to old age, or for some other reason. When that day comes, you will find driving to be very difficult to give up, because it has become so much a part of your life.

Since driving is so important it is imperative that you receive correct and quality driving instruction, and practice in the beginning. Developing good skill, competence, and confidence in the beginning pays off big time in future dividends. The dividends are problem free driving with less or no traffic accidents. That translates into money savings – no property loss, medical costs, or being sued. Another dividend is peace of mind due to little or no stress – you truly know how to drive.

The cost of lessons is also a very important factor to most people. When you are determining cost, you should look at overall cost not price per lesson. You may find a price per lesson very low, but if you learn very little each lesson your overall cost could be considerable. Whereas if you spent more per lesson with a more qualified instructor, and learned more rapidly, your overall cost would be less, due to fewer lessons taken. Learning to drive with fewer lessons is also a cost savings in regards to saving your personal time. The following is a true example:

An adult student went to a local driving school and paid $900 in driving lessons and still could not pass drive test, failed many times. Cost for each lesson was cheap, but overall a great deal of money was spent with no result (truly did not learn how to drive competently, nor able to pass drive test).

Other Considerations:
  • Having a more qualified and experienced instructor makes driving easier to learn.
  • Learn proper not improper driving skills, rules, and techniques.
  • Less hassles in every aspect in the interaction with the school (office personnel, or instructor).
  • Good chance of passing drive test first time, instead of taking many times to pass.
Look for Value:
    Value is looking for a good service or product at a fair price. You get what you pay for – you may find a real good price on driving lessons, but if you learn next to nothing, you loose. You loose your money on the driving lessons, and on possible future losses – due to lack of driving competence. You don’t have to go to the most expensive school to get good driving instruction. By using our guideline on choosing a school you can find a good school without paying an exorbitant price. Typically the difference between a poor or fair driving lesson versus a good driving lesson can be as little as $10 – $20 per lesson. When you consider that the average person will drive 40 – 50 years of their lives, it is a small price to pay for good training.
In conclusion:

Bottom line: Choosing a quality driving school is to your benefit!