Questions to Ask

The following is a list of helpful questions you can ask driving schools during a phone conversation. We believe this will help you decide which is the best school for you.

  • Have all instructors been teaching for years?
    (It takes years to become good at any profession)
  • Does the instructor speak a language the I will understand?
  • Is it private instruction?
  • Are instructors, knowledgeable, professional, personable, and patient?
  • Do they provide the same instructor and car for all lessons.
    (Same instructor and same car provides more ease and continuity of training)
  • Do instructors always show up for lesson or do they cancel?
  • Does the office call student and cancel lesson?
  • What is taught during the 6 hours of lessons?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Days and hours of training sessions?
  • Are vehicles well maintained, clean, and fit any size student?

Note: Observe your conversation with driving schools. Are they easy to understand, personable, knowledgeable (answer questions to one’s satisfaction), helpful (offer advice or information not considered), good telephone skills, and ease in scheduling? Watch out if they are rude or in a rush.