Why Pay More?

A person may find a real good price on driving lessons, but if they learn next to nothing, they just lost their money. Typically the difference between a poor or fair driving school lesson and a superior driving school lesson can be as little as $10 – $20 per lesson. When considering that the average person will drive 40 – 50 years of their lives, which is a small price to pay for superior training. The little extra money paid will reap big rewards. Rewards such as, good driving skills and habits developed early will minimize or eliminate accidents (loss of money or health). Also being a competent driver will promote confidence and skill thereby making driving a more stress less and problem free. Typically when paying more one gets a more experienced and professional instructor, that provides more comprehensive training as well as making it easier to learn. Finally, good training greatly increases the chance of passing drive test first time, instead of taking several times.