Client Testimonial: I did it!

In September 2005 I have started learning driving in united states and after two or three lessons with an instructor I was not happy with her instructions and on the internet I have found Olson’s silicone valley driving school their fee was high but they are so good. At tat time Mr.. Randolph was my instructor very nice and skilled instructor. Now in 2015 my son Muawiz turn 18 and move with after August and I have called one local driving school in Tracy after two lessons I did not see any improvement and confidence in my son and I have thought about Silicone Valley   driving school searched them on the internet and call them and  this time Jared was my Son’s instructor as he told Mr. Randolph is retired now. but after first lesson I was able to see they maintained well their old tradition of excellence in driving instructions. Muawiz got his confidence pretty quick.In September, October and November Muawiz got 4 lessons with them and he left in December for Sand Diego after a month he came back in late January and I ask him  to have one more lessons with Jared so we can go for behind the wheel test. So on Tuesday February 23rd he had his fifth and final lesson with Jared and yesterday on February 25th  2016. Muawiz got his driver’s license at first attempt. Thanks too Olson’s Silicone valley Driving School to help us getting better driving skills. We recommend them for adult & teen learners.

~ Bushra on