Client Testimonials: As good as it gets

This school really is as good as it gets. I was contacted by phone the day after I called to inquire about lessons, and I scheduled 6 sessions right away. I requested Randolph based on his raving reviews, and he really is an awesome instructor.

This school is different from other driving schools because their sessions are very comprehensive. They cover freeway, downtown, parking, hills, and neighborhoods, as well as practice driving tests. The instructor will personalize your lessons after he/she sees where your weak spots are and will challenge you to improve those skills so that by the time you’re done with your sessions you’ll not only be ready to pass the driving test, but also drive safely every day. The price per lesson is worth it for the high quality, personalized, and comprehensive instruction that you’ll receive. I passed my test the first time with only 5 errors! 🙂 Thank you, OSVDS and Randolph!

~ J. G. on Yelp