What You Will Learn

Our driver training program is one of the most comprehensive in the State of California. We are dedicated to educating our students in correct training methods and information. The program entails all car maneuvers, rules of road, road signs and markings, defensive driving, different driving environments, and developing overall skill and judgment. Overall knowledge is developed as well ability to control the car well. On the first lesson your instructor will evaluate your skill level, ability, and fear factor. This will allow your instructor to custom tailor driving lessons that will suit your ability and nature, that will allow for greatest possible success with minimum amount of stress. The following is a list of items taught:


  • Car maneuvers:
        – Right and left turns
        – Lane changing
        – Parking (diagonal, perpendicular, parallel, hill and curb)
        – Backing up along a curb in a straight line
        – Turnabout or 3 point turn
        – U-turns
      – Merging
  • Defensive Driving
  • Different driving environments:
        – Residential
        – Down Town Traffic – traffic skills, rules
        – Mountains
        – Parking lots
      – Freeway
  • Simulated DMV road test
  • How to read and understand all road signs, markings and layouts.
  • Tips on passing DMV drive test.
  • Develop driving skill, safety, and judgment
  • Learn proper interaction with other vehicles and pedestrians
  • Judging time and distance
  • Learn vehicle controls and instruments
  • Drive various geographical locations to develop driving knowledge
    Note: the above is done in real driving experience, not just talked about.