Services Offered

The following is a list of services that SVDS provides. Training is available to anyone, for any particular need, or requirement. SVDS caters to the beginning student whether it be teenager, or adult. Also assist existing licensed drivers to improve their skill and/or confidence. A car can also be provided for the drive test.

  • Teenage 6 hours of Driving lessons – Mandated by the State of California, for persons under the age of 18 years.
  • Adult Driving lessons – Develop the the necessary skills and confidence that will allow a person to drive competently, safely and pass the drive test.
  • Brush up lessons – typically is a one, two hour lesson, however depending on various needs may require more. Content of lesson will be determined by student’s wants and recommendations made by the instructor.

    DMV drive test preparation

      • SVDS will greatly enhance your chance to pass first time, or
        help people pass who can’t pass.

    For licensed driver to improve driving skill or advanced driver training

      • Freeway
      • Traffic
      • Parking – including parallel
      • Defensive driving
      • Enhance overall driving skill
      • Accident avoidance
      • Overcome nervousness – develop confidence
  • Use SVDS’s car for drive test.As a service SVDS allows the usage of training cars for DMV drive test purpose, for a fee. However,a person must display to an instructor that they are capable of passing a drive test. SVDS reserves the right to refuse if the person is not competent.

    The following are various reasons why people have chosen to use our car:

        • Their car does not meet DMV requirements (refer to section V. of web page).
        • Want to use car with automatic transmission, family only has manual transmission cars.
        • Don’t have any car to use.


      To use a rental car for drive test requires a letter of written permission from rental car company, or DMV will not allow usage of that car. SVDS does not know of any car rental company that provides cars for drive test exam.