SVDS: Drivers Training

  • Teens (under 18 years old):
    • Driving Training is the behind the wheel instruction that the DMV requires you to take if under 18 years old, which allows eligibility for the DMV drive test. You are required to take six hours of instruction with a DMV licensed driving school. Training can be done on weekdays or weekends, and each session is 2 hours. Therefore training is held over 3 different days to fulfill the 6 hour DMV requirement. Refer to other sections of web site for more thorough and detailed information.
  • Adults:
    • Driving Training is the behind the wheel instruction. Driver training can be taken by adults, although no mandatory requirement is stipulated by the DMV. However professional driver training is a tremendous benefit in becoming a skillful, competent, and knowledgeable driver. These benefits are important in greatly reducing driving accidents after you first receive your drivers license. Training is conducted in 2 hour sessions. You and your instructor can determine the necessary amount of lessons that are appropriate. Refer to other sections of web site for more thorough and detailed information.

    DMV Test Requirements – Adult

    The following is a list of steps required by the State of California DMV to acquire an Instructional Driving Permit, and/or Driving License.

    Instructional Permit Steps

    • Report to DMV with the following:
      • Completed Driving License application form DL44.
      • Acceptable date of birth or legal presence document.
      • Social Security number or letter from Social Security organization allowing to apply for a drivers license.
      • Pay $24 application fee.
    • Pass DMV written (within 3 attempts or apply again).
    • Pass a vision test.
    • Take a picture for license card.
    • Be thumb printed.

    Note: To avoid waiting in long lines on the day of the test, make an appointment by contacting the DMV via their website (, field office or calling 1-800-777-0133.

    Driving License Steps

    • Have passed DMV written test
    • Pass DMV drive test (3 chances to pass or required to re-apply).

    Note: Appointments are required for DMV Drive Test, these can be made over the phone by calling 1-800-777-0133 or at a field office.