Client Testimonials: Very Pleased!

We relied on personal referrals from family, friends and yelp reviewers when we needed to find an instructor for our oldest daughter and are very pleased that we chose Olson’s Silicon Valley Driving School.

During the course she had two instructors and both were focused on training her to be a safe and skillful driver. Once she scheduled her test at the DMV Olson’s worked with her one last time to help refresh her skills and focus her on what she would encounter during her DMV driving test. While many of her friends failed the first time, we are proud to say that our daughter passed. She credited her instructors for making the difference.  We do too.

We will use this business again when it is time for our youngest daughter to train for her driving test.

~Greg C on

Client Testimonial: Still the best!

Still think Olsen’s is the best.  My children passed their tests, and Olson’s was very helpful in getting them there.  The last lesson they drove the places where the test would be taken so they would be familiar with it and also went through a checklist so that as a parent I was comfortable that they were ready for their tests.  Jarrett continued to be a great instructor and my children really liked his calm, professional manner.  Also, we always received a reminder call a few days before the lesson just to confirm that the date and time were set.  I highly recommend them!

~ Jennifer S on

SVDS: Drivers Training

  • Teens (under 18 years old):
    • Driving Training is the behind the wheel instruction that the DMV requires you to take if under 18 years old, which allows eligibility for the DMV drive test. You are required to take six hours of instruction with a DMV licensed driving school. Training can be done on weekdays or weekends, and each session is 2 hours. Therefore training is held over 3 different days to fulfill the 6 hour DMV requirement. Refer to other sections of web site for more thorough and detailed information.
  • Adults:
    • Driving Training is the behind the wheel instruction. Driver training can be taken by adults, although no mandatory requirement is stipulated by the DMV. However professional driver training is a tremendous benefit in becoming a skillful, competent, and knowledgeable driver. These benefits are important in greatly reducing driving accidents after you first receive your drivers license. Training is conducted in 2 hour sessions. You and your instructor can determine the necessary amount of lessons that are appropriate. Refer to other sections of web site for more thorough and detailed information.