Client Testimonial: I did it!

In September 2005 I have started learning driving in united states and after two or three lessons with an instructor I was not happy with her instructions and on the internet I have found Olson’s silicone valley driving school their fee was high but they are so good. At tat time Mr.. Randolph was my instructor very nice and skilled instructor. Now in 2015 my son Muawiz turn 18 and move with after August and I have called one local driving school in Tracy after two lessons I did not see any improvement and confidence in my son and I have thought about Silicone Valley   driving school searched them on the internet and call them and  this time Jared was my Son’s instructor as he told Mr. Randolph is retired now. but after first lesson I was able to see they maintained well their old tradition of excellence in driving instructions. Muawiz got his confidence pretty quick.In September, October and November Muawiz got 4 lessons with them and he left in December for Sand Diego after a month he came back in late January and I ask him  to have one more lessons with Jared so we can go for behind the wheel test. So on Tuesday February 23rd he had his fifth and final lesson with Jared and yesterday on February 25th  2016. Muawiz got his driver’s license at first attempt. Thanks too Olson’s Silicone valley Driving School to help us getting better driving skills. We recommend them for adult & teen learners.

~ Bushra on

Client Testimonials: Very Pleased!

We relied on personal referrals from family, friends and yelp reviewers when we needed to find an instructor for our oldest daughter and are very pleased that we chose Olson’s Silicon Valley Driving School.

During the course she had two instructors and both were focused on training her to be a safe and skillful driver. Once she scheduled her test at the DMV Olson’s worked with her one last time to help refresh her skills and focus her on what she would encounter during her DMV driving test. While many of her friends failed the first time, we are proud to say that our daughter passed. She credited her instructors for making the difference.  We do too.

We will use this business again when it is time for our youngest daughter to train for her driving test.

~Greg C on

Client Testimonial: A big helping hand

I’ve been driving about a year now since getting my license, and I just came across the old papers that I received from the driving instructor (I believe his name was Jared)  and I am able to practice all the tips today that he wrote down specifically for me to practice. I believe that they had a big hand in helping me become a safer and more confident driver prior to getting my license. I only took one star away for the price, because it was very high for a college student on her own, and it was hard for me to pay for it. I ended up thinking of it as an investment.
I had one session, and the instructor was great. Nice and very professional. He made me feel a lot less nervous, which I think was my biggest problem. He picked me up by my college, took me to different type of areas, especially the type of area that my DMV test would be in.

~ Nile A from

Client Testimonial: Native English Speaker

We’ve had our first lesson with Olson’s and are very pleased.  The instructor was very patient, on time, and has had plenty of experience–over 5 years.  He was a native english speaker, so my children did not have any trouble understanding what he was teaching them.  The price is slightly higher than other schools (not by a huge amount), but I feel comfortable knowing that my kids are getting the best instruction available. 

~ Jennifer S on

Client Testimonial: Still the best!

Still think Olsen’s is the best.  My children passed their tests, and Olson’s was very helpful in getting them there.  The last lesson they drove the places where the test would be taken so they would be familiar with it and also went through a checklist so that as a parent I was comfortable that they were ready for their tests.  Jarrett continued to be a great instructor and my children really liked his calm, professional manner.  Also, we always received a reminder call a few days before the lesson just to confirm that the date and time were set.  I highly recommend them!

~ Jennifer S on

Client Testimonial: Wonderful

My 16 year old just got his license last week.  I can not say enough wonderful things about Jerett Olson.  We used him for all 3 of the driving lessons throughout the spring and summer. He was always on time and polite to me, the mom.  My son said he was calm, gave clear instructions while in the car, and thought Jerett helped to improve his basic knowledge.  Jerett and Olson’s was recommended by several families that have older kids and I can’t recommend him enough.  This was a awesome experience.  Thanks to you Jerett.

~ Teresa on

Client Testimonial: Referred by a friend

We were referred by a friend of ours and the results speak for themselves.  My daughter got a perfect score (0 errors) in her driver’s license test!  My daughter was comfortable with Jared, the instructor.  She felt safe getting instruction from him and got helpful tips in passing the test.  Highly recommend.

~ Ronnie D on

Client Testimonial: Excellent to Work With

We have had a great experience with Olson’s Silicon Valley Driving School! They have been very responsive to phone calls, easy to schedule appointments, and easy to make changes when I had to change an appointment. They even came up with a very creative solution to my schuding problem! My son had a class at San Jose State that ended at 4PM on the day of his second lesson. They picked him up from SJSU and did his downtown driving, and freeway driving, then they drove home! 

They have been EXCELLENT to work with, and I highly recommend them!

Ask for Jared if you can get him! He’s excellent!

~ Martin R as posted on

Client Testimonials: Great driving school

Our Granddaughter was taking driver’s ed and we needed a driving school to complete the class. I pickeded Olson’s Driving School and was very happy that I did. I was concerned about safety with a teenage girl and when we met Randy I knew we had made the right choose. Everything went very well and she passed on her first try for her license. We now have our grandson in driver’s ed. and we are also using Olson’s driving school for him!  Posted by story0905 on