SVDS: Choosing a drivers training school

The following is a list of elements which are contained in a quality driver training program:

  • Instructor licensed by the California DMV
  • Instructor should speak a language that you can understand.
    (Note: Be sure to ask the Driving School office, or you may encounter a real problem.)
  • Have an experienced and knowledgeable instructor.
  • Instructor should have several years of experience. Usually, as in any profession, the longer one has been working at that profession, the more competent they are.
  • Instructor should keep learning as stress free as possible.
  • Instructor should really be interacting with you while teaching how to drive, not ensuing endless unrelated chatter, or letting student just drive around with little or no instruction.
  • Learn ability to control the car well..
  • Private lesson – only one student in car during the lesson. Having more than one student in car posses many problems. First, because you will be dropping off the prior student, it entails a large amount of straight driving (which teaches very little). Second, the other student is sitting in the back seat, waiting to be dropped off – wasting their time, and boring (which you will be too when it is your turn to be dropped off). Last, you may feel self conscious because some one is watching you learn to drive.
  • Late model cars, clean, and in good working order.
  • Cars that fit any size person.
  • Cars equipped with proper climate control (e.g. heating and air-conditioning)
  • Warning:
    • Many driving schools only teach DMV Drive Test material. There is much more to learn about driving then just how to pass the test, such as: defensive driving, freeway, perpendicular parking (most common), parallel parking, driving in hills, down-town driving, and driving in traffic. Incomplete training will limit where you can drive.
    • Many driving schools have a high turnover rate of instructors, so it is important to ask how long your instructor has been working as a driving instructor. Look for years instead of months of experience.
    • Students should learn new material on each lesson, or see their driving skill improving.
    • Interactive instruction is required to learn how to drive! If all you do is straight driving during a lesson, you learn virtually nothing.
    • Roof top signs on training vehicles for advertising may cause embarrassment, but do not reflect negatively on the quality of the school.
  • Material covered should include:
    • Direction on how to control the car well.
    • Car maneuvers
        – Right and left turns
        – Lane changing
        – Parking (diagonal, perpendicular, parallel, hill and curb)
        – Backing up along a curb in a straight line (without using mirrors)
        – Turnabout or 3 point turn
        – U-turns
        – Merging
    • Defensive Driving
    • Different driving environments
        – Residential
        – Down Town Traffic – traffic skills, rules
        – Mountains
        – Parking lots
        – Freeway
    • Simulated DMV road test
    • How to read and understand all road signs and road markings, and various road layouts
    • Tips on passing DMV license drive test
    • Develop driving skill, safety, and judgment
    • Learn proper interaction with other vehicles and pedestrians
    • Judging time and distance
    • Learn vehicle controls and instruments
    • Taken to various geographical locations to develop driving knowledge

    Note: You should be instructed on all maneuvers to the point of being able to complete them successfully with your instructor.

SVDS: Drivers Training

  • Teens (under 18 years old):
    • Driving Training is the behind the wheel instruction that the DMV requires you to take if under 18 years old, which allows eligibility for the DMV drive test. You are required to take six hours of instruction with a DMV licensed driving school. Training can be done on weekdays or weekends, and each session is 2 hours. Therefore training is held over 3 different days to fulfill the 6 hour DMV requirement. Refer to other sections of web site for more thorough and detailed information.
  • Adults:
    • Driving Training is the behind the wheel instruction. Driver training can be taken by adults, although no mandatory requirement is stipulated by the DMV. However professional driver training is a tremendous benefit in becoming a skillful, competent, and knowledgeable driver. These benefits are important in greatly reducing driving accidents after you first receive your drivers license. Training is conducted in 2 hour sessions. You and your instructor can determine the necessary amount of lessons that are appropriate. Refer to other sections of web site for more thorough and detailed information.

    Introduction to SVDS – Quality drivers training in San Jose

    Congratulations you are inquiring about one of the finest driving schools in California, Olson’s Silicon Valley Driving School (SVDS). SVDS is a State of California licensed driving school that provides high quality driver training for teenage and adult students. Our mind set is to provide comprehensive training that will prepare students to be proficient, safe, and courteous drivers. SVDS truly has the student’s best interest in mind. We want students to be confident and successful in their driving experience.

    The driving instructors are state licensed, and very experienced in developing and implementing training to suit individual needs. They create a learning environment that is informative, interesting, and easy to learn. Most importantly the instructor’s main intent is to develop the students driving skills, judgment, and ability to think for themselves. SVDS is dedicated to making the driver training experience as pleasant, satisfying and successful as possible. On the first lesson your instructor will evaluate you skill level, ability, and fear factor. This will allow your instructor to custom tailor driving lessons that will suit your ability and nature, that will allow for greatest possible success with minimum amount of stress.

    The office staff are personable, knowledgeable, and helpful. They will answer any questions or concerns you may have about becoming a driver.

    Our customers enjoy the best value. For our goal is to provide the highest quality driver training in conjunction with affordable prices.