Excellent trainer

Thanks a lot to Mr Randolph. He is excellent trainer and very patient for a panic driver like me. He guided me through every situation that might happen while driving.He customized the session based on my requirements and weaknesses.
It was worth waiting getting their appointment.Appreciate Andrea throughout the process.I recommend them 100%.

~ S.D. from Sunnyvale – Yelp Filtered Review


I really recommend this driving school !! I’ve been to 2 other driving schools before choosing olson’s silicon valley driving school and found this THE BEST ! My instructor was Mr. Randolph.The instructors from the other driving schools only taught me the normal routes the dmv examiners usually take for the test,Randolph on the other hand took me to areas where there was traffic to practice (including freeway) which helped me not only to pass the dmv test in the first chance but also to drive safely after getting the license.His teaching technique has made me enjoy driving and also gain confidence in myself.

~ Anju in Cupertino – Yelp Filtered Reviews



AMAZING!!! Friendly, professional, skilled. When my 16 year old needed to have behind the wheel lessons I had originally started looking for the cheapest (which they are not). However… I came to realize that my daughter would be learning a skill that I should not be going the cheap route on. She needed to learn from the best of the best, which I found them to be. Andrea, who sets up all of the appointments is very sweet and was super understanding and had no problem working around my daughter’s sports and social schedule. I paid for each lesson on the day of, never had any issues. Mr. Olson himself was my daughter’s driving instructor and I am sure she may have scared the life out of him a few times, but she said he always remained calm and explained everything to her in detail and made sure she understood what he was talking about. We scheduled the last driving lesson 3 days prior to her DMV test so that they could do a mock test (they actually did 3) in the Santa Teresa DMV area. When they were done, he told me exactly what she needed to improve on and how I could help teach her – and 3 days later my daughter was the proud new holder of a CA driver’s license!! This school was absolutely amazing, everything about it. They may seem a little pricey compared to the other schools out there, but after reading the other reviews and Olson’s reviews – I knew my daughter’s life was more important than saving a few dollars. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends when their children are ready to have some behind the wheel lessons.

~ Veronica A on Yelp

Client Testimonials: Experienced and respectful

I contacted them and left them a message and they call me back soon after that.
I needed a class for behind the wheel exam since I am new to the states I needed someone to tell me the rules. My session with the Mr. (I don’t remember his name) was amazing he gave me so much confidence which I really needed. He was so patient and told me what I needed to know.
In that session I gave them a check which later they called and let me know that I forgot to sign it, the next day I send them the check with post but I don’t know why I received the check after 3 days 🙁
I was so embarrassed that i drove there and gave them the check myself. but the whole time they were so so respectful which I appreciate it very much.

I totally recommend them they are experienced and respectful people.

By the way I passed my exam after that session 🙂

~ Sara A on Yelp

Introduction to SVDS – Quality drivers training in San Jose

Congratulations you are inquiring about one of the finest driving schools in California, Olson’s Silicon Valley Driving School (SVDS). SVDS is a State of California licensed driving school that provides high quality driver training for teenage and adult students. Our mind set is to provide comprehensive training that will prepare students to be proficient, safe, and courteous drivers. SVDS truly has the student’s best interest in mind. We want students to be confident and successful in their driving experience.

The driving instructors are state licensed, and very experienced in developing and implementing training to suit individual needs. They create a learning environment that is informative, interesting, and easy to learn. Most importantly the instructor’s main intent is to develop the students driving skills, judgment, and ability to think for themselves. SVDS is dedicated to making the driver training experience as pleasant, satisfying and successful as possible. On the first lesson your instructor will evaluate you skill level, ability, and fear factor. This will allow your instructor to custom tailor driving lessons that will suit your ability and nature, that will allow for greatest possible success with minimum amount of stress.

The office staff are personable, knowledgeable, and helpful. They will answer any questions or concerns you may have about becoming a driver.

Our customers enjoy the best value. For our goal is to provide the highest quality driver training in conjunction with affordable prices.

Welcome to Silicon Valley Driving School

We are Olson’s Silicon Valley Driving School (SVDS). The premiere driving school in San Jose! You are viewing a very unique web site when it comes to driving schools. Not only are we providing information about our services, but also giving detailed information on the steps to get a drivers license from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and how to choose a driving school. So, go ahead and browse through our web site, we believe you will find a great deal of useful information. We wish you the best in your driving experience.

Questions To Ask On the Phone

The following is a list of helpful questions you can ask driving schools during a phone conversation. We believe this will help you decide which is the best school for you.

  • Have all instructors been teaching for years?
    (It takes years to become good at any profession)
  • Does the instructor speak a language the I will understand?
  • Is it private instruction?
  • Are instructors, knowledgeable, professional, personable, and patient?
  • Do they provide the same instructor and car for all lessons.
    (Same instructor and same car provides more ease and continuity of training)
  • Do instructors always show up for lesson or do they cancel?
  • Does the office call student and cancel lesson?
  • What is taught during the 6 hours of lessons?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Days and hours of training sessions?
  • Are vehicles well maintained, clean, and fit any size student?

Note: Observe your conversation with driving schools. Are they easy to understand, personable, knowledgeable (answer questions to one’s satisfaction), helpful (offer advice or information not considered), good telephone skills, and ease in scheduling? Watch out if they are rude or in a rush.