Client Testimonial: A big helping hand

I’ve been driving about a year now since getting my license, and I just came across the old papers that I received from the driving instructor (I believe his name was Jared)  and I am able to practice all the tips today that he wrote down specifically for me to practice. I believe that they had a big hand in helping me become a safer and more confident driver prior to getting my license. I only took one star away for the price, because it was very high for a college student on her own, and it was hard for me to pay for it. I ended up thinking of it as an investment.
I had one session, and the instructor was great. Nice and very professional. He made me feel a lot less nervous, which I think was my biggest problem. He picked me up by my college, took me to different type of areas, especially the type of area that my DMV test would be in.

~ Nile A from

Client Testimonial: Native English Speaker

We’ve had our first lesson with Olson’s and are very pleased.  The instructor was very patient, on time, and has had plenty of experience–over 5 years.  He was a native english speaker, so my children did not have any trouble understanding what he was teaching them.  The price is slightly higher than other schools (not by a huge amount), but I feel comfortable knowing that my kids are getting the best instruction available. 

~ Jennifer S on

Client Testimonial: Wonderful

My 16 year old just got his license last week.  I can not say enough wonderful things about Jerett Olson.  We used him for all 3 of the driving lessons throughout the spring and summer. He was always on time and polite to me, the mom.  My son said he was calm, gave clear instructions while in the car, and thought Jerett helped to improve his basic knowledge.  Jerett and Olson’s was recommended by several families that have older kids and I can’t recommend him enough.  This was a awesome experience.  Thanks to you Jerett.

~ Teresa on