Client Testimonial: Wonderful

My 16 year old just got his license last week.  I can not say enough wonderful things about Jerett Olson.  We used him for all 3 of the driving lessons throughout the spring and summer. He was always on time and polite to me, the mom.  My son said he was calm, gave clear instructions while in the car, and thought Jerett helped to improve his basic knowledge.  Jerett and Olson’s was recommended by several families that have older kids and I can’t recommend him enough.  This was a awesome experience.  Thanks to you Jerett.

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Client Testimonials: Extremely Happy

I am extremely happy with this driving school. Their fees are not listed on their website, and it’s my assumption it is so they can talk to you in person.

It was priced higher than some of the discount schools, but I feel it was worth every dollar (and we live on a very frugal budget).

I made the first payment before the first lesson (and to get the required DMV form for her permit), and then when Mr. Olson came for the 2nd lesson, he collected the balance due. He was professional, smiled freely and my daughter felt completely comfortable in the car with him. (This was mainly a concern of mine)

When I called the office, I usually left a voicemail, but the outgoing message is clear about messages. If I called early in the day, I would usually get a call that afternoon. If I called later, I’d get a return call by the next day.

The woman who scheduled the appointments was always polite and seemed unfazed by my daughters busy schedule. It seems they are quite used to working with teens & their schedules.

We made my daughters behind-the-wheel test appointment, and scheduled her last driving session the day before. (which was according to their recommendation). A few weeks after that I received a call making sure she had them both scheduled. They made a point to note when her permit was expiring, and wanted her to schedule both with enough time in advance. I certainly appreciated their thoroughness.

At the last session, Randolph asked where she was testing and they drove there to specifically go over different testing scenarios for that location. He also made notes as to what she still should work on.

My daughter passed her first time with a high score. Most of her friends (who used other companies) did not. I am confident that it is from the quality teaching and the personable demeanor of Mr. Olson.

One other thing that sold me on the company was the communication. Not only on the phone making appointments, but with the instructor & my daughter.

Let me say this clearly yet delicately…While I love living in such a diverse area, some people can have a very thick accent that can be difficult to understand. When a person is learning a new skill – particularly with life or death potential such as driving, I feel clear communication & understanding is imperative. This doesn’t necessarily exclude anyone who speaks English as a second language. I don’t care who the person is or where he/she comes from…the instructions must be easy to understand. I found this to be extremely true for Olson’s Silicon Valley Driving School, and not so when I called some of the other popular schools.

My son is a few months away from permit eligibility and we will most certainly use this company again.

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